Forest Honey

This honey iscollected from the rain forests of Chalakudy division by the tribes from single large combs of the giant rock bee, Apisdorsata which nests on high cliffs and tall forest trees. Traditional knowledge and hygienic methods are adopted by indigenous communities to harvest these combs.

Honey is composedprimarily of the sugars glucoseand fructose, and consists of minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphate, sodium chlorine, potassiumand magnesium.Honey has high medicinal valuewhich is known to be good for cold, cough, congestion and building immunity. Italso possesses antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Honey was used as a traditional ayurvedic medicine, where it was thought to be effective intreatingimbalances in the body.



  • Immunity booster

The antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties that honey have aids in the improvement of the digestive system. Consuming this liquid can help boost immune system and improve health.

  • Skin Care

Variety of beauty products available in the market contains honey as their prime ingredient. Honey not only helps to smoothen skin but also keep acne at bay. The anti-bacterial properties of this liquid can give skin a nourishing look and feel.

  • Aids Weight Loss

Experts recommend havinghoney mixed with warm water every morning. This unique combination helps to digest the fat in body and helps inthe weight loss process.

  • Anti-Cancer properties

Honey contains a number of antioxidants and flavanoids that help diminish the risk of a few types ofcancer.

Vitamins and Minerals

Honey is rich in a number of vitamins and minerals too. Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron are primarily derived from this golden product.

  • Relaxes the throat

A commonly known benefit of eating honey is the soothing effect it provides to the throat. Consuming honey or a gargle with honey and water mixture relaxes a sore throat. It is known to kill the infective bacteria, reliving of the irritation.

  • Healing Properties

Honey is considered to be a natural healer when applied to wounds. It cures the wound by killing the bacteria and cleans the infection. The antibacterial property it has does this magic to differentkinds of injury.

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