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Incha 50g


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Product Description

Botanical name: Accaciaintsia
Malayalam: Incha

Incha is a natural substitute for artificial toilet soaps. It is extracted from the bark of the forest climber Acacia intsia. It is traditionally used for bathing after ayurvedic oil massage.Carefully dried and hygienically packed, inchafibrecan be used as a natural bath scrubber for a long time.

A perennial, woody climbing shrub grows over large trees. Leaves compound, leaflets 8-15 pairs, oblong-ovate, small and glabrous. Flowers whitish, in axillary or terminal panicles. Fruits thin long pods, brown colored, contain 3-5 small compressed seeds.

Medicinal Properties

It is a good natural antibacterial and commonly used for burning sensation and other skin diseases. The crushed stem is used as a natural scrubber for bathing.

Directions for use: Take out fiber from the bunch and split in to small pieces. Use this for bathing as a scrubber.


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