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For providing organized support services to the VSS and EDC in the fields of scientific collection, value addition and marketing of NWFP, a “Vanasree Cell”

Forest products include materials derived from a forest for commercial and personal use such as lumber, paper, and firewood as well as “special forest products” such as medicinal herbs, fungi, edible fruits and nuts, and other natural products.

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Vanasree’ is a novel initiative by the Forest and Wildlife department of Kerala to improve the livelihoods of tribal communities by facilitating collection, processing, value addition and market access to the forest produce which has been traditionally collected from interiors of pristine evergreen forests. ‘Vanasree’ aims to achieve the dual objective of taking healing benefits of plant products to people’s door steps and making a difference to the lives of forest dependent people. Before vanasree was tribals of Chalakudy were collecting these valuable forest produce from forest areas in bulk quantity and sell it at very low price to middlemen. The poor marketing system didn’t help the tribals to come out of abject poverty. After formation of Adivasi VanaSamrakshanaSamiti’s by forest department in the tribal areas with strategy for the collection, value addition and marketing of forest produce,the income of tribals has increased substantially.

Empowering Forest Communities through Sustainable Practices

Vanasree, a unique initiative by the Kerala Forest and Wildlife Department under the State Forest Development Agency (SFDA), empowers forest-dependent communities by providing a platform for selling their Non-Timber Forest Produce (NTFP). Currently, 71 Vanasree Units, including two mobile units, operate under the supervision of 36 Forest Development Agencies across Kerala.

Key Highlights

Eliminating Middlemen: Vanasree offers forest communities a direct channel to market and sell their NTFP products, eliminating exploitative middlemen and ensuring fair returns. Profits generated from product sales are reinvested back into the communities, empowering them economically.

Community Empowerment: Profits generated through Vanasree sales are directly reinvested in the communities, empowering them economically and fostering sustainable practices.

Market Access and Widespread Reach: With 71 units, Vanasree offers extensive coverage across Kerala, ensuring accessibility for diverse forest-dependent communities. These units provide direct market access to forest-dependent communities, bypassing exploitative middlemen.

Mobile Units: The two mobile units further enhance accessibility, bringing Vanasree closer to remote communities.

Vanasree fosters a sustainable and empowering model for forest-dependent communities in Kerala. It offers them fair market access, eliminates exploitative practices, and contributes to their economic well-being.

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