Chalakudy Forest Division

The Chalakudy Forest Division, one among the 36 forest divisions of the Kerala Forest Department was established in 1950, three years after the Indian independence. Pariyaram, Palapilly, and Vellikulnangara are the three ranges’ that constitute the Chalakudy division.

Chalakudy FDA

The Chalakudy Forest Development Agency (FDA) was established in 2002 to cater to and manage participatory forest management (PFM) activities.

Vanasree Cell – Chalakudy Forest Development Agency (FDA)

The “Vanasree Cell” functions as a dedicated unit within the Chalakudy Forest Development Agency, providing structured support to the VSS (Vana Samrakshana Samithies) and EDCs (Eco-development Committees) in the crucial areas of:

  • Scientific collection : Establishing and implementing standardized methods for the sustainable and responsible harvesting of NTFP (Non-timber Forest Products).
  • Value addition: Supporting the development and implementation of processes that enhance the economic value of NTFP through processing, packaging, or other means.
  • Marketing: Assisting with the creation and execution of strategies to effectively market and sell NTFP products, ensuring fair prices and market access for forest-dependent communities.

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